Energy-saving driving

A responsible attitude

As a car manufacturer, Audi is perfectly aware of its responsibility to its customers and the environment, and prepared to accept this responsibility in all areas: from pro-environmental processes and a wide range of recycling methods during production to the development of alternative propulsion concepts.

By being more aware of the way they drive, every individual can do their bit to conserve resources and protect the environment. The general equation is quite simple: the less fuel consumed, the fewer emissions produced. But driving with greater awareness not only helps the environment, but is also easy on the purse strings. With this is mind, Audi has devised a short environmental guide which is designed to make it easier for every driver to drive in a way that is both ecologically and economically sound.

  • Avoid running the engine warm when idling.
  • Rapid acceleration and changing up early has a positive effect on energy consumption.
  • Release the accelerator as soon as possible if the flow of traffic requires you to slow down.
  • Reduce rolling resistance by checking tyre pressure regularly.
  • Improve aerodynamics, for example by removing roof racks not in use.
  • Be careful to keep your revs down in city traffic.
  • Avoid carrying unnecessary weight in the car in city traffic.
  • Switch off the power consumers in your car as soon as you have stopped using them.
  • An on-board computer is very useful for monitoring how economically you are driving.