Audi magnetic ride

Your Audi adapts to the way you drive – not the other way around. Audi magnetic ride automatically adjusts the firmness of the dampers to suit the current driving situation with split-second speed by means of an electronically controlled magnetic field.

It also gives the driver a choice of basic setting for either a more comfortable or a sportier drive. Audi magnetic ride is controlled using the Audi drive select® system that is also included as part of this specification. The result is a new and highly impressive form of ride comfort. The three modes “auto”, “comfort” and “dynamic” allow the basic setting to be adjusted individually as desired.

The different modes

The “comfort” mode allows the driver to enjoy a noticeably more comfortable and balanced suspension setup, which enables relaxed driving on long journeys in particular. The damping furthermore ensures remarkable handling stability and safety, especially when road conditions are poor.

In “dynamic” mode, meanwhile, the chassis gives the driver the feeling of increased agility with more direct feedback from the road. The vehicle reacts even more nimbly and lets the driver enjoy more dynamic handling when accelerating, braking or cornering at speed.

When the “auto” mode is engaged, the control system always selects the damper setting that best suits the current driving style itself, thereby ensuring a pleasant driving sensation at all times.