Audi exclusive customised paint finishes. An irre- sistible sight.

There are an infinite number of colours in the world. Find the right one for you. The golden hue of a sunset, the red of a fine wine, the green of an emerald ring – all of these colours are available for your Audi’s paint finish. And so is practically any other, if you take a sample to your Audi dealer.

We naturally also have a large selection of previously defined paint colours on hand for you. Choose your favourite out of nearly 100 colours. Is stylish Saddle Brown, pearl effect, the one for you, for example? Or would you prefer Palace Blue, pearl effect, a colour reminiscent of wide open spaces and freedom?


Regardless of the type of paint finish you choose, the quality standards applied in the production process remain high. Organic pigments ensure colour vibrancy, while inorganic pigments are extremely resistant to ageing.

Gentle processing

Adding metal flakes to the paint creates the fascinating effect of a metallic paint finish. The flakes are usually made of aluminium, but brass is sometimes also used. To ensure that they do not fracture, great care must be taken throughout the entire process.

Four layers for durability

An Audi paint finish consists of four layers, which combined are not even as thick as a strand of human hair. They guarantee that you can enjoy your favourite colour for as long as possible. No matter whether it’s sunny yellow or emerald green.

Inspiration desired

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Seize this one and choose your own personal exterior paint finish for your vehicle from the large range of colours available from Audi exclusive. We look forward to your inspired ideas and your new colours.
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