Audi exclusive leather. See it. Feel it. Be fascinated by it.

Leather is a unique product of nature. Its very touch and feel triggers a relaxing sensation – and promises a special driving experience. It is always a pleasure to look at. The smooth surface appears to shimmer in the light. As a seat covering in your Audi, a piece of leather is transformed into exclusive comfort.

No two pieces are alike, a fact that fits in perfectly with the Audi exclusive philosophy. Nevertheless, we pay great attention to ensuring that the pieces crafted for the interior are perfectly coordinated. Delicate processing guarantees that the natural beauty of this material is retained.

Fascinating look and feel

Before any leather is processed for Audi, it has to pass more than 30 different tests. These ensure that when you open the door of your Audi, you will always be greeted by the fascinating look and feel of leather.


For certain steps in the process of covering seats or interior parts in leather, we rely on precise craftsmanship. For example, the seams on Audi exclusive steering wheels are largely stitched by hand with great attention to detail.

Large range of colours

If you opt for leather upholstery and trim from Audi exclusive, you can let your imagination run wild. It is possible, for instance, to have the steering wheel covered in different colour leather to that used on the seats – or even only parts of the seats.

Individual character

Select the colour exactly to your taste from the huge range of leather colours available. You can also choose the colour of the contrasting stitching. Give your vehicle a distinctly individual character.
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